When you have gone through the process of actually selling an item to the customer, as we all know, customer service doesn't stop there. You have to then get it to the customer in the same condition as  they bought it. This is what we do with our heavy copper pots.

  • 1.  Wrap the item in bubble wrap using sticky tape, taking care to put extra  around prominent areas. We reuse and recycle whenever we can.
  • 2. Find a box that your item can sit in without touching the sides, top or bottom - we use recycled boxes for this.
  • 3.  Use a polysterene or better still biodegradeable peanuts, woodwool,  chips or air pillows to ensure the item is snug in the box. Recycled  shredded paper is a great way to go. For a small investment in a  shredder, all those flyers and promo magazines really come in handy.
  • 4.  Place your inner box in another box ensuring the sides, bottom or top  does not touch. Repeat the snug process in step 3. Insert any paperwork 
  • 5.  Securely fix the openings with brown tape, then wrap the whole box with  brown tape to ensure no moisture is able to penetrate your box.
  • Then you are ready to post, this should arrive safely to your customer.

We at Copper Antiquity hope this helps!